Monday, September 25, 2006

Nacho, burrito, what's that up in your Speedo?

This is one of our favorite sing-a-long songs which we happened to learn while waiting tables at a Mexican restaurant years ago. Waiting tables, well, not so good. Sing’n in the kitchen, awesome! Come on; give it a try, we think you’ll like it too. It goes a little something like this: Nacho, burrito, what’s that up in your Speedo? You’ve got trouble, on the double… (then we usually just make up the rest). Fun, right? So why are we singing this oh so memorable and delightful song you ask? Well, its a little celebration of our minor on the road accomplishment, well I guess we can call it an accomplishment. We started our day in the Houston airport where we enjoyed a tasty Mexican treat, breakfast tacos. Yummy! In honor of delicious Tex-Mex throughout the land (especially in Texas) we decided to challenge our pallets by sticking with the taco theme throughout the day. You may be thinking, wow, that could get tough, but hey, we’re dedicated! So, for lunch, we found ourselves at Kirby’s CafĂ©, a hip local diner serving traditional Austin cuisine. This place was artsy, quaint and fabulous and we thoroughly enjoyed our bean-n-veggie tacos. Mucho Delish-e-oso. When dinner time rolled around, yep, you guessed it, tacos! The perfect ending to a truly fabulous day! The simple things in life make it so much fun.
Adios for now,
K & B

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