Friday, September 26, 2008

Driving Miss Delirious

So we were loving life in what is easily one of our favorite states in the union- North Carolina when the current gas crisis literally rained on our parade. Now, we are not here to rail against gas prices especially since we most recently feared no access to fuel. Flashes of depression era photos and being eaten by some mountain animal once we ran out of gas floated through our heads as we feared the worst.

It all started innocently enough...while in NC after our fabulous evening at Johnson & Wales we were headed to Banner Elk to work with the good folks at Lees McRae. Now Banner Elk is a good two hours of driving much of which involved wrapping around a mountain. Now many of you may have heard about the gas shortage in Charlotte and surrounding areas. It is no joke. But no one knew any details and we heard all kinds of wack-a-doo rumors. So we were not too concerned. We thought surely there would be a gas station in route to our destination so off we went. Now our innate cockiness sometimes serves us well. Not so on this special evening. As miles wore on and terrain looked more and more au natural we began to worry. Kelly even put in a call to her better half to call the local gas stations of Banner Elk to inquire about their fuel supply. Kel's husband like a magic eight-ball had bad news to report, "outlook not so good". There was no gas for whence we came nor where we were going. This would be a good time to mention that it would have been highly unlikely that we would have made it back without running our of gas. We were even at peace with the $7.50 a gallon Avis was going to charge us for not refueling if and when we ever made back to Charlotte.

But things continued to look worse, we would exit and find no fuel and then carry on. We ended up on this country road and came upon a little store, we did not even think they were a gas station. But lo' and behold. Like the Beverly Hillbillies we found our black gold. It has been sometime since I was that freaked out about running out of gas or about filling up. So, happy that we never had to go with a Plan B. At this little stop we found had a long line of cars. One patron said with traffic like this the town was going to have to get a stop light. Folks travelling from all over expressed their joy to have found the gas and theirs fears and frustrations with the shortage. After all our impromptu in store bonding we were off to Lees McRae where we were NEVER so happy to safely arrive to a program.

It was a great night and we met some awesome folks from athletics and the counseling center. The Peer Educators kicked it with us for awhile before the program. We cannot thank them enough for hosting us and for the gas Gods for shining light on us as stumble around this great country of ours.



PS Banner Elk is a beautiful town with lots of fun outdoorsy vacation spots.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


MSU Panhellenic Posse

The folks at Midwestern State University made us feel right at home. After downing 4 delicious ice cold glasses of sweet tea at dinner (I am an addict) we headed to campus with our panhellenic posse. Greek life hosted our visit to campus and packed the auditorium with students some of which volunteered to be there while others were required or strongly encouraged with promises of extra credit. No matter the intent of their attendance, another couple hundred students have been given the tools and knowledge to help create a sexually empowered culture. I hold my sweet tea glass high and give a big cheers to that!

Panhel Prez, Becca and the Head Chief

Sunday, September 14, 2008

On your mark, get set, TiVo!

Tomorrow morning Kelly will once again be coming to you live on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet

Please give my soul sista and yours a little love and support by tuning in and letting the producers know you love seeing a member of the sexually empowered posse on the show.

She will be offering great advice on supporting survivors of sexual violence as well as sharing her perspective on the Spokane case.
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Thank you all for your continued support. Please spread the good word about tomorrow and let us know what you think after it airs.
Becca (and Kelly)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Go Argos!

Brandon, VP of SGA at UWF and Me after my Saturday morning session.
So get up, get, get get down, communication 411 is in yo town! Who remembers the late 90's Public Enemy "911 Is a Joke" song? I can't help but sing that song when I talk, think or write about our communication and leadership program, Communication 411. Not that our program is in any way related to the song. I have mad respect for the folks in blue... and black, and brown and white and all the colors of the many uniforms professionals associated to 911 happen to wear. I guess it's just the 3 similar numbers in the title that moves me to sing. I randomly break into song at the thought or sound of many simple titles or phrases. It's what I do. Anyway, lets talk about UWF!
I was thrilled when April, the President of the Student Government Association at UWF (my alma mater) asked me to speak at their upcoming leadership retreat. It was an honor to spend time with my fellow Argos talking about how they're going to help shape the university. They came up with quite the mac daddy list of goals.
Being at UWF had me feeling all sentimental and reflective. My experience as a student at UWF helped shape who I am today and I am so incredibly grateful for the many life lessons I faced throughout my collegiate career, some of them much easier than others and it's funny that the lessons I failed miserably at are also the ones I learned the most from. Wait a minute...are our parents really always right? I'm feeling an "if I knew then what I know now" speech coming on, but I'm not going to go there...not now anyway. What I will say is that, with everything that I am, I truly believe that students have the capacity to change their campuses and their communities for the better and it's an honor and a privilege to help facilitate that. I can't wait to hear about the many successes SGA is able to celebrate this year. Look out, UWF is moving on up my friends. Go Argos!
After an action packed session I was able to squeeze in some QT with my dear friends while I was in P'cola. Good ol' Saturday afternoon college football time, which for me basically means the TV's are on and of course I clap and cheer along. I've got spirit for days! But my real focus is hanging out, catching up and enjoying the great people, good times, cold beer and chicken wings. Good times indeed.
KP, Kelly and Chris.

Happy in Pensacola,