Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Spring Break Safety

Aruba, Jamaica, ooooh I wanna take ya...

You are well over a month into the semester and ready for a little R & R right? We hope you have fabulous plans for a nice little vaca to get away and unwind. No? Why not? You totally deserve it! Wherever you choose to soak up the rays and release your semester stress this spring break enjoy yourself my friends. But please remember to look out for each other, be safe and always watch your drinks. Sexual assault cases that involve the use of date rape drugs often increase during spring break. That said, it's important that you know there are things you can do to protect yourself. Here are some basic tips to help get you and your pals in a safe spring break state of mind-

-Trust your intuition; it is your best defense.
-Program the hotel # and address in your phone.
-Protect yourself from date rape drugs by watching your drinks.
-The 3 D's: Don't drink & swim, drink & drive or drink & hook-up.
-Have fun and take care of each other.

For more details on these tips and additional spring break safety information visit


With spring break right around the corner we thought it would be a good idea to post the video from our appearance on Dateline NBC. It shows you what 'could' happen if you're not careful and we offer tips on how you can keep you and your posse safe. Check it out, pass it on, and look out for your friends and always, no matter what, watch your drinks...alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Be safe and have an amazing spring break!

Friday, February 20, 2009


We’ve been waiting months to roll this project out and we are pleased to announce the wait is finally over. Sexversations® are here! Over the past decade many wonderful folks have allowed us to visit their college campuses and communities to share our story and educate students about sexual assault awareness and prevention. (Thank you!) We’ve had the chance to work with hundreds of campuses and thousands of students, which has lead to countless meaningful conversations and many, many questions about sex. The questions we get range from educational to over the top personal but mostly they’re really important questions about sex, sexuality, STIs, sexual assault and sexual empowerment. We chose some of our favorite questions to include in our first edition of Sexversations®.

Our goal is to help stimulate conversations, as we believe the best way to create a more sexually empowered culture filled with confident, empowered, healthy and respectful individuals is to talk about “IT.” We are so incredibly stoked about each and every question in the sexy 52 card deck we can hardly contain ourselves! Please check them out and get your hands on a deck. We would totally appreciate you passing the good word on to your friends, neighbors, lovers, peers, teachers and anyone else in your life significant or otherwise. Let us know what you think and please be sure to update us on how your Sexversations® go!
Follow this link to get the low down on Sexversations® http://kellyandbecca.com/sexversations/
Join Sexversations® on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2232843380#/group.php?sid=6b83709fe68cde6aae75c5de767631b5&gid=54354395775

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

JMU is gonna rock you!

CARE Posse

We were all kinds of jacked up to visit James Madison University and to meet a group of students who are doing all sorts of good for the JMU hood. The Campus Assault Response (CARE) promotes awareness and education about sexual assault on campus and they operate a 24/7 helpline to assist students who have been affected by sexual assault and are in need of information or crisis intervention. After a couple of years of hard work and dedication they now have a strong group of student volunteers and a rock solid student organization that is providing an amazing service to their community. They have a good thing going on indeed.

A humongous thank you to CARE for making our time at JMU memorable and an even bigger thank you for all you do!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The College Agency Rules da School!

We just got back from NACA National's and packed in lots of meeting, greeting and socializing into a day and a half. We had the chance to present a really fun and interactive communication and leadership program, 86, 400 Opportunities to Shape the World in a training showcase ( http://kellyandbecca.com/program411.php) and had a blast doing it. It's always great to meet students from campuses all over the country and especially NACA students. They are all just so freak daddy nice!

One of the highlights of our time in Nashville was kick'n it with THE best agency throughout the land, The College Agency. We are honored to be represented by them and fall more and more in love each time we see them. The College Agency has an amazing roster. They represent speakers, musicians, comedians, poets and some truly outstanding acts one of which is stand up comedian Pete Lee (as seen on Last Comic Standing). His special on Comedy Central debuted this past weekend. Congratulations Pete! If you missed it, be sure to catch it when it airs again. He's one funny dude. Since Comedy Central recently presented Pete Lee, we thought we would too! So here goes....

Kelly and Becca Presents Pete Lee! http://comedians.comedycentral.com/pete-lee/

Kelly & Pete at The College Agency booth

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hot for Scarleteen!

We recently stumbled across a spectacular website intended for teens and young adults that's filled with gobs of information, oodles of resources and absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about sex. http://www.scarleteen.com/
Ms. Scarleteen, Heather Corinna is a hip, brilliant, passionate activist who keeps the site oh so fresh. Check it out and spread the word! And if you're really feeling it, we highly recommend you swing by Amazon to pick up her book- S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-To-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get You Through High School and College . It's chock full of good stuff and currently on sale for $12. 38-- so worth skipping a couple of lattes this week.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

University of Wisconsin

B and the famous curds.

We enjoyed our second visit to the great state of Wisconsin and it was like a cheese curd show down- seriously. These folks are passionate about their dairy. Our fabulous hostess with the mostess, Savannah at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point brought us THE best cheese curds in the state. That's what she said and after the big taste test we believe her!
Okay, so it wasn't the cheese that brought us to Wisconsin or the awesome February weather (it was zero degrees when we awoke in Wisconsin this morning- brrrrrr). We came to Stevens Point to educate, inform and empower and our absolute favorite part of the trip, we met some really amazing students who are doing great work on their campus. Living the dream indeed. Thanks for everything Savannah!
For those who are intrigued, here's a little cheese curd knowledge...
What is a cheese curd you ask? Cheese curds are the freshest cheese in its most natural form. Right after the dairy farmers separate the curds from the whey and before they shape, process and pack the cheese they set aside some creamy dairy goodness in the form of cheese clumps, which we fondly refer to as super fresh cheese nibbles. When they are ultra fresh and served in proper form (room temperature) they give a little squeak when you bite into them. Strange at first and second bite, maybe even third bite for cheese curd virgins, but they really are quite delicious.