Thursday, February 05, 2009

University of Wisconsin

B and the famous curds.

We enjoyed our second visit to the great state of Wisconsin and it was like a cheese curd show down- seriously. These folks are passionate about their dairy. Our fabulous hostess with the mostess, Savannah at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point brought us THE best cheese curds in the state. That's what she said and after the big taste test we believe her!
Okay, so it wasn't the cheese that brought us to Wisconsin or the awesome February weather (it was zero degrees when we awoke in Wisconsin this morning- brrrrrr). We came to Stevens Point to educate, inform and empower and our absolute favorite part of the trip, we met some really amazing students who are doing great work on their campus. Living the dream indeed. Thanks for everything Savannah!
For those who are intrigued, here's a little cheese curd knowledge...
What is a cheese curd you ask? Cheese curds are the freshest cheese in its most natural form. Right after the dairy farmers separate the curds from the whey and before they shape, process and pack the cheese they set aside some creamy dairy goodness in the form of cheese clumps, which we fondly refer to as super fresh cheese nibbles. When they are ultra fresh and served in proper form (room temperature) they give a little squeak when you bite into them. Strange at first and second bite, maybe even third bite for cheese curd virgins, but they really are quite delicious.

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