Saturday, May 31, 2008



This past week Kelly and I were honored to participate in the World Conference for Psycho-Geometrics (click here to learn more) or as it is often called, Shape Psychology. About a year ago we became two of the 34 licensees in the entire world who have been approved to teach and facilitate sessions on this rock solid communications application. Some of you may have even seen Kel and I do our Communication 411 program which utilizes the system.

So needless to say we were not surprised that we would be meeting some pretty snazzy folks at the conference but we had no idea just how fab they would all be. These communication rock stars really gave us a wonderful vision for the future and armed us with some killer ways in which we can better share all this information with you.

We will get up some conference photos soon but best of all we captured some awesome video blogs for each of you so you can experience just a fraction of the international greatness we just experienced. So stay tuned as we introduce you to some of our new favorite people and if you can't wait for the videos then visit the web site...

Tell em' Kelly and Becca sent ya!

Peace and Love.

Always- Becca

Wednesday, May 28, 2008



Although fall is without question my favorite season, there is nothing better than the tastes of summer. Since Memorial Day and in addition to paying tribute to our veterans I have been getting down with summer fare. Watermelon, baked beans, the smell of the BBQ chicken my husband has been having for dinner and my beloved corn dogs. Now as many of you know I have been a vegetarian for almost 18 years and even dabble in the vegan lifestyle but when Morningstar Farms rolled out their meat free corn dog my world was changed for the better. Around this time of year those babies make into my rotation and I gotta tell you...corn dogs rock my face off.

The relevance about this post you may ask? This month Kelly and I have made a commitment to focus on life's simple pleasures. Like watching my dogs run around the dog park, or watching Meet the Press with my partner on Sunday morning or even enjoying some fabu ice cream (another summer favorite) or simply taking in the pleasure of a corn dog. Some people stop to smell the roses others head to their microwave or county fair and get down. What is your simple pleasure?



Peace and Love



Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It seems lately, every magazine cover has a blurb about “living your best life” or “how to discover true happiness.” Actually, this has been popular for a while but it seems I’m just getting around to giving more attention to it. I am totally down with this new focused and ohm’ like lifestyle trend and have claimed a front row seat on the wholesome happy train!
Recently, I’ve been trying to put aside quality time to focus on “me” and search for a little more peace and serenity in my life, it’s going to be quite the journey I’m sure. My first few baby steps have been to go to yoga class once a week and to take a couple hours a week to read something I enjoy that’s not a cook book, editing a draft chapter of my book or work related reading. It’s been really great so far. I’m beginning to feel more organic and free spirited already. I also began subscribing to a yoga e-newsletter- “Practical Yoga for Everyday People.” Some of it’s a little too advanced with far too much complex breathing for me but for the most part it has some really excellent tips and lessons. Last week there was an article on creating a healthy and happy mind and I thought I’d share it in our blog. It’s a good practice for anyone looking to create a healthier and more positive self but I thought it might be especially helpful for survivors throughout their healing process. Check it out, try it out and let me know what you think!
Working my way to a centered mind, body and spirit,

Create a Healthy and Happy Mind
Are you looking for a way to break old, unhealthy mental patterns so that you can create a happier, healthier life? Well, today is "Manifest Your Mantra Day", and the Spirit Trainers are here to help! Get yourself out of a slump or a self-defeating negative mindset by creating your own personal, affirmative mantra. Mantra literally means "mind wave", and is any word or phrase repeated often. Mantras can positively affect your thought patterns and beliefs. We suggest the following steps to help you manifest your own personal, positive mantra and let go of old, negative patterns.
Make a list of 11 qualities /attributes of your personality that you regard as negative or harmful and which you believe hold you back from reaching your potential. These should be qualities that you would like to 'leave behind you' and release. Perhaps you have a false statement about yourself that your mind chronically repeats (eg. 'I'm so lazy') or maybe you just want to move from shy to outgoing. Whatever your choices, think of it as an opportunity to change negative thought patterns and beliefs into more positive and appealing ones that will affirm and empower you. Once you've created your list of 11, you'll then write adjectives that describe the exact opposite of those qualities. For example, if you listed 'grumpy' as a trait to release, you might write 'cheerful' as a positive alternative. When you're done with your list, we'll combine all the positive qualities in one big affirming statement about yourself. Remember, this is YOUR secret and personal mantra. Keep it to yourself, and use it to redirect your mind whenever your thoughts veer in a direction that doesn't support you in your highest vision.

5 Steps
1. On a blank piece of paper, draw a line down the center of it. On the left top column, write 'Old Mental Belief' and on the right top column, write 'New Mental Belief'.
2. Under Old Mental Beliefs, write the (up to) 11 attributes you would like to release.
3. Under New Mental Beliefs, list the exact opposite/positive of this quality or attribute. (eg. Grumpy/cheerful, lazy/energetic, shy/outgoing, fearful/courageous, etc)
4. Once you have a list of anywhere from 5 to 11 positive adjectives, pick three to five of these positive affirmations and make one positive affirming statement. An example might be: 'I, Jane Smith, am a cheerful, energetic, outgoing person'.
5. Write your statement in one sentence, and then commit it to memory so you can repeat it with ease throughout your day. Repeat this phrase (with conviction!) each morning upon rising from bed, and each evening before falling asleep. Say this phrase with conviction - believe what you are saying.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Introducing David and Daniel

This month my two new beautiful nephews were born. They are an amazing and adorable set of twins (in no small part to their fabulous genetics). The family is so excited as they are both healthy and thriving. We cannot wait to officially meet the newest family members. With the baby boom swirling all around all of us, I am happy to report my family has been blessed with two new additions as well. I will get a photo up ASAP.

Peace and Love-


Monday, May 19, 2008


Our travels take us to different cities all over the country (we hope to add Canada to the list soon too) and this past year we made a point to check out lots of vegetarian and vegan friendly dining spots (Becca's been a vegetarian for years) and I must say my meat and dairy eating pallet has been more than impressed! The Happy Cow web-site has been our trusty guide to good vegetarian eats throughout the land.

A few of our favorites for those of you who are interested...
WaterCourse Foods in Denver, CO
MaMusu's West African Cuisine in Richmond, VA
French Meadow Bakery and Cafe in Minneapolis, MN

All of this exposure to vegetarian delights has me trying out my own recipes. I love to cook and bake and lately my new obsession is vegan eats. Although I am not vegan, I do appreciate the life style and am totally fascinated with the concept that an entire meal can be 100% plant based, organic, naturally cholesterol free and scrumptious. Absolutely amazing!

Lately, I have been working on perfecting the vegan cupcake, moist and tasty and able to stand up to any non-vegan cupcake out there. Mission accomplished! So far I've got 3 flavors down, chocolate cake with chocolate- peanut butter icing, strawberry cake with fluffy butter cream icing and coconut lime cake with coconut lime icing (pictured below). My husband thought I was nuts for snapping a photo of my latest vegan creation but after much research and hours in the kitchen I felt it was necessary.

Vegan love,

Friday, May 16, 2008

Be a Role Model and Work it Like a Supermodel

Be a Role Model and Work it Like a Supermodel: Helping Students Build Healthy Relationships

By Kelly Addington

Working in the world of higher education we are faced with many challenges. We hear countless stories and are often familiar with the intimate details of student's lives. Whether we like it or not, students are seeking guidance and approval from us not only in an academic sense but also to help empower them to make good choices in their personal lives. Campus professionals sometimes get stuck in crisis management mode, on top of that, the "to do" lists are endless and the weekly hours often go way beyond the standard 40. Some days it may not seem like it but your actions are changing student's lives. You are mentors, mediators, educators and role models. By the way, please allow me to insert a giant thank you here. Being a good role model when it comes to healthy relationships is a chance to focus on the little things we can say and do to make a big difference. Or as I like to say, "Be a role model and work it like a supermodel."

My work as an anti-violence activist, campus professional and experience in working with survivors of sexual assault as well as their family, friends and partners has lead me to focus on what I believe to be one of the biggest issues facing students today— learning how to best communicate with those around us. By adapting our voices to speak the language of empowerment we can be both positive and honest when dealing with a student's needs and helping to create a culture that is preventative versus reactive. When it comes to speaking this language I have found a few quick tips that help me in my pursuit of supermodel status.

Create opportunities of enlightenment.
Take a moment that's average and turn it into something more. If a student mentions they're stressed about their current relationship, let them know they can talk to you. Taking a few minutes to really listen and help them find resolution can make a world of difference.

Respect yourself and others.
Respect is an essential part of any relationship, but sometimes we forget that it starts with respecting yourself. Respect and confidence can be contagious! Be confident in who you are and what you stand for and encourage your students to do the same.

A lesson of honesty and accountability.
Communicate openly and truthfully. It's okay to acknowledge questionable behavior as long as it is done without judgment. Sometimes individuals need to be reminded that they have control over their actions as well as their reactions.

Contribute to a campus and community free of violence.
Be a positive non-violent role model for students by using language and actions that support healthy and loving relationships. Provide a safe and comfortable environment in which students can express themselves and make healthy choices.

Encourage students to create their own solution.
This can be anything from better lighting and safety on campus to adding kosher and vegan food choices in the dining hall. Empowering students to be the change agent is teaching them to be a good citizen and a great leader.

Let students know they are not alone.
You are fun, honest, experienced and non-judgmental, so of course students feel close to you and are likely to come to you first with an issue. Please remind them that there are professional resources available on campus such as the counseling or health center and encourage students to take advantage them.

Our leaders of tomorrow are being shaped by you today. As a role model who works it like a supermodel you are sharing your wisdom strength, time, and talents to make the world of higher education a place where students can exceed their own expectations. It is a full circle moment when we realize that we have become to someone else what our mentors are to us. There is a reason you chose to devote your lives to working in higher education, perhaps it was a role model of your own?

For more information about communicating with students in regards to sexual violence, healthy relationships and everything in between you can contact Kelly or Becca at

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Speak out!


Here is a great opportunity to work with one of our favorite She-ra's and to make a difference to many others. Check out the note below and please share with all members of your posse.



Looking for women to interview!
Do you have an Eating Disorder but nobody seems to have noticed? Are you having trouble getting treatment because you don't appear 'sick'? If this sounds like you or someone you know, please help me write a powerful story for a national women's magazine. I am looking for brave women ages 21 - 45 who have struggled with eating disorders in the past or are currently struggling with Anorexia, Bulimia,EDNOS or Bing Eating disorder. This article will be a positive, proactive approach to sharing with the world that eating disorders come in all shapes,sizes, races, and ages. I welcome women with a diverse range of body types, stories, and less obvious signs of eating disorder behavior to share their stories and raise awareness of the many women whose suffering goes unnoticed or untreated. Please Email with the following information: - Name - Phone number - Age - Photo- A paragraph describing your eating disorder history, any treatment, and why people may not have known you were sick. I will keep your personal information in confidence BUT you must be willing to have your name and photograph used in the article should you be selected.I will need to find a variety of stories, so please spread the word and send this message to a friend!