Wednesday, May 28, 2008



Although fall is without question my favorite season, there is nothing better than the tastes of summer. Since Memorial Day and in addition to paying tribute to our veterans I have been getting down with summer fare. Watermelon, baked beans, the smell of the BBQ chicken my husband has been having for dinner and my beloved corn dogs. Now as many of you know I have been a vegetarian for almost 18 years and even dabble in the vegan lifestyle but when Morningstar Farms rolled out their meat free corn dog my world was changed for the better. Around this time of year those babies make into my rotation and I gotta tell you...corn dogs rock my face off.

The relevance about this post you may ask? This month Kelly and I have made a commitment to focus on life's simple pleasures. Like watching my dogs run around the dog park, or watching Meet the Press with my partner on Sunday morning or even enjoying some fabu ice cream (another summer favorite) or simply taking in the pleasure of a corn dog. Some people stop to smell the roses others head to their microwave or county fair and get down. What is your simple pleasure?



Peace and Love



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