Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you know enough about date rape drugs?

Thanks to Kim Northup, Unite for Change Creative Director (and one of our favorite sexually empowered posse members) for the heads up on the USA Today article below.

Date rape drugs are bad news bears for sure, but there are things you can do to protect yourself if you know what to look for. Learn how you can help keep yourself and your friends safe by using one of our free educational tools at Preventing Drug Facilitated Assaults.

U.N. report warns of alarming rise of 'date-rape drugs' worldwide

A new U.N. report on narcotics use says 'date-rape drugs" are on the rise worldwice.

The report from the International Narcotics Control Board says "the abuse from prescription drugs is greater in some countries than from heroin, cocaine and ecstasy combined."

Read the full report here.

The report says the "date-rape drug" phenomenon "is evolving rapidly, as sexual abusers attempt to circumvent more rigorous drug controls by using substances not restricted by the international drug conventions."

An excerpt:
What is alarming is the unscrupulous way in which those drugs are used upon unwitting victims — the drugs, which are usually disguised in food or drinks, are introduced in dosages that are significantly higher than the dosages used for therapeutic purposes —a practice which entails serious health risks for the victims. Sexual assault crimes are often committed in public places such as bars, restaurants, nightclubs but also in private surroundings.

It says stricter control measures by governments, in close cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry, have been shown to be effective in the past to curb the abuse of some of the "date-rape drugs" and that such measures should be stepped up.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eve Ensler: Embrace your inner girl | Video on

Eve Ensler: Embrace your inner girl Video on

Thanks to Michelle for passing this along.

In this passionate talk, Eve Ensler declares that there is a girl cell in us all -- a cell that we have all been taught to suppress. She tells heartfelt stories of girls around the world who have overcome shocking adversity and violence to reveal the astonishing strength of being a girl.


Take a peek. It's worth the 19 mniutes and 55 seconds!

Monday, February 15, 2010

schoolchildren think violence against women is acceptable

Football for boys and dolls for girls seems pretty innocent but could this also be a reason that children grow up thinking that violence against women is okay? The article below from BBC News sites a recent study in Scotland but I think it's pretty fair to say that this is likely the attitude of many children throughout the world.
What do you think?

Violence against women is justified, says pupil study

A study of schoolchildren has found that most of those questioned thought violence towards women was acceptable if there was a reason behind it.

The majority of the pupils said it was justified if the woman had an affair, or if she was late in making the tea.

The study by a researcher from Edinburgh Napier University also suggested that girls expect to curtail ambitions once they are married. The research involved 89 primary seven children at five Glasgow primaries.
The 11 and 12-year-olds were questioned in depth about their attitudes and aspirations towards gender roles and behaviour.

They were asked to consider whether or not a man was justified in punching his partner when he found out she had had an affair.

Nearly all of the children thought that the woman deserved to be hit.

In another scenario, about 80% of the children said a man had cause to slap his partner because she did not have the dinner ready on time.

Researcher Nancy Lombard described the findings as "worrying" because the youngsters had naturalised and normalised violent behaviour.

She said: "The children didn't agree with violence, but gave reasons to try to justify it if the woman had done something 'wrong'.

"The old saying of 'If he pulls your pigtails it means he likes you', translates into violence in adulthood which girls accept as normal."

Narrow expectations

The study also suggested that girls expected to modify their behaviour and narrow expectations once they were married and had children.

One of the girls said: "I want to be a dancer or a doctor."

But she added: "When I grow up I'm going to have two babies and work part-time in the shop down the road."

Ms Lombard said that sexual stereotypes were limiting and modifying girls' behaviour to accommodate boys and men.

She said: "All the girls said they don't get much of the playground because the boys dominate the space. They are still told they can't play football because they are a girl."

Ms Lombard called for work with children to start early to encourage respectful relationships, challenge violent behaviour and break down gender stereotypes.

The findings of the study will be presented at a conference in Glasgow on Wednesday which has been jointly organised between Scottish Women's Aid and Napier University.

Edinburgh Women's Aid spokeswoman Suzanne Moran called for more education on violence towards women: "These findings, in effect, reflect that these attitudes are still widely held in Scotland.

"Studies like these reveal that there is still much to be done to eradicate ingrained beliefs that women are to blame for violence perpetrated against them."

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Rickety planes and snow storms will not stop us!

ATL to CHO was on a medium to smallish size plane and we were in the exit row. After hearing a strange clatter shortly after take-off, rather than our usual nap we talked about how we would react if the door flew open during flight. We discussed several safety plans and even acted out one or two of them before squeezing in a lil' slumber before arriving in VA. I woke up to what sounded like a thud on the wing of the plane and when I opened my eyes I saw that the compartment in the exit row that read "emergency life line for crew use only" had popped open. I really don't think these are supposed to open, so naturally I was slightly concerned. I pointed to it when the flight attendant passed by and she said, "oh it's okay." I gave her a very concerned look and she just smiled and walked away. Soon after our brief exchange the cool as a cucumber flight attendant seemed to be a little annoyed with my flash photography on the plane (and of the plane) but I really felt like I needed to capture some sort of evidence in case we all went down in a blaze of glory. Yes, this is really how my mind works.

10 minutes later we landed safely in Charlottesville and just as the snow storm began so did our drive to Harrisonburg. For two chics from Florida we're pretty good about driving in the snow. 

We got to JMU in time to have dinner on campus with a handful of the Exec members of C.A.R.E. They are so fantastic!  We had a great program and met lots of incredible students who are working tirelessly to make their campus a safer place. It's students like this (pictured below) that inspire us to keep going. A humungous thank you to Kelly Johnson, President of C.A.R.E. and to the entire C.A.R.E. posse for making us a part of your semester. It is an absolute honor to work with you all! 


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