Thursday, February 04, 2010

Rickety planes and snow storms will not stop us!

ATL to CHO was on a medium to smallish size plane and we were in the exit row. After hearing a strange clatter shortly after take-off, rather than our usual nap we talked about how we would react if the door flew open during flight. We discussed several safety plans and even acted out one or two of them before squeezing in a lil' slumber before arriving in VA. I woke up to what sounded like a thud on the wing of the plane and when I opened my eyes I saw that the compartment in the exit row that read "emergency life line for crew use only" had popped open. I really don't think these are supposed to open, so naturally I was slightly concerned. I pointed to it when the flight attendant passed by and she said, "oh it's okay." I gave her a very concerned look and she just smiled and walked away. Soon after our brief exchange the cool as a cucumber flight attendant seemed to be a little annoyed with my flash photography on the plane (and of the plane) but I really felt like I needed to capture some sort of evidence in case we all went down in a blaze of glory. Yes, this is really how my mind works.

10 minutes later we landed safely in Charlottesville and just as the snow storm began so did our drive to Harrisonburg. For two chics from Florida we're pretty good about driving in the snow. 

We got to JMU in time to have dinner on campus with a handful of the Exec members of C.A.R.E. They are so fantastic!  We had a great program and met lots of incredible students who are working tirelessly to make their campus a safer place. It's students like this (pictured below) that inspire us to keep going. A humungous thank you to Kelly Johnson, President of C.A.R.E. and to the entire C.A.R.E. posse for making us a part of your semester. It is an absolute honor to work with you all! 


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