Friday, February 20, 2009


We’ve been waiting months to roll this project out and we are pleased to announce the wait is finally over. Sexversations® are here! Over the past decade many wonderful folks have allowed us to visit their college campuses and communities to share our story and educate students about sexual assault awareness and prevention. (Thank you!) We’ve had the chance to work with hundreds of campuses and thousands of students, which has lead to countless meaningful conversations and many, many questions about sex. The questions we get range from educational to over the top personal but mostly they’re really important questions about sex, sexuality, STIs, sexual assault and sexual empowerment. We chose some of our favorite questions to include in our first edition of Sexversations®.

Our goal is to help stimulate conversations, as we believe the best way to create a more sexually empowered culture filled with confident, empowered, healthy and respectful individuals is to talk about “IT.” We are so incredibly stoked about each and every question in the sexy 52 card deck we can hardly contain ourselves! Please check them out and get your hands on a deck. We would totally appreciate you passing the good word on to your friends, neighbors, lovers, peers, teachers and anyone else in your life significant or otherwise. Let us know what you think and please be sure to update us on how your Sexversations® go!
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