Monday, January 15, 2007

E-Newsletter for Kelly and Becca

Hey Ya'll-
Here is the first issue of the K and B newsletter. Please shoot me an e-mail to sign up (or visit our site and sign up today). Plus you will get the sassy HTML version.

We look forward to hearing from or seeing you all soon.

Becca and Kelly


Happy New Year!

We have come into 2007 in a big, technologically-savvy way
and we re super excited to invite you to view our first
issue of the Let's Talk About "IT" E-Newsletter.

In the coming months we look forward to this becoming a
forum where we can offer tips on reducing sexual assault,
share current information on topics such as date rape drugs,
alcohol and sex, as well as highlight your great ideas (So
please keep em coming!). We hope you enjoy reading the first
of many monthly issues to follow.

A Mother of Resolutions

As 2006 was coming to a close we sat down and began
setting goals and resolutions for 2007. To start, we came
up with the usual: get in better shape, lose weight and
organize our closets. So, after we re fit, fabulous and
super organized, then what? We asked ourselves, what would
we consider to be the mother of all resolutions for us? A
new challenge beyond what size jeans we want to wear or
how great they look folded neatly in our perfectly
organized closet. What new endeavor would 2007 bring? It
was then that our resolution turned into our new mission
and the Unite for Change Campaign was born.

Inspired by the amazing students, survivors and educators
we have met and worked with over the years, we wanted to
create a place where campuses and communities could share
how they were addressing sexual violence. In turn, it
would be a place where those seeking guidance could get
current information and ideas from our incredible brothers
and sisters across the nation. We are making a personal
commitment to not only ask campuses and communities to
participate in the Unite for Change Campaign but to agree
to support those who need help in planning their own
event, this year and going forward.

This campaign is about focus, determination, hope and
promise. Our hope is that this campaign will help bring
new meaning to the term sexual revolution, because this
truly is a revolution. We hope that you will join us in
this movement. Check out the new web-site at We invite you to leave a
message on our Speak Out! message board and share your
commitment to ending sexual violence. Let us know what you
think! We look forward to hearing from you and to adding
some of the great things you've done and continue to do to
the web-site.

Coming in the February Issue

We invite you to share resources and ideas from your campus to
be highlighted in the February issue of the Let's Talk About "IT"
E-Newsletter. So please send us information about successful
sexual assault awareness and prevention initiatives on your
campus so we can talk it up!

Wishing you all a fabulous New Year filled with lots of luck,
love, happiness and memories that will last a lifetime. Whether
you start out 2007 with a customary resolution, a new mission or
simply think of it as a clean slate, make time to find your
passion, follow your dreams and no matter what, never give up!

More focused, determined and hopeful than ever!
Kelly and Becca

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