Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dinner with our mentor!

Dinner with a friend that you really like and rarely get to see is such a special slice of time. Sunday night Kelly and I dined with our dear friend T.J. This is especially important because as with many influential people in our lives, they often wear many hats in how they affect who you are and what you have become.

Years ago, while students at The University of West Florida a simple twist of fate brought T.J. into our lives and it is safe to say it has never been the same since.

It was T.J.'s program that inspired us to tell our story, it was T.J.'s mentoring that helped us craft our message and it is T.J who's amazing speakers agency (CAMPUSPEAK http://www.campuspeak.com/) now represents us. Reflecting on all T.J. has done for us reminds me how incredibly generous one person can be if you are willing to reach out to them.

Many of us have dreams that seem impossible to attain. Many of us fear rejection so we never put ourselves out there. When I get nervous or afraid, I often think of T.J., someone we held in such high regard was also someone who took time to help our dream become a reality. One of the most amazing parts about having dinner with T.J. was as we talked about the future, our families and our newest hopes and dreams I thought about our history and the way life gives you opportunities to achieve your greatest hopes and ambitions- if your willing to be brave and ask for it.


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