Saturday, September 22, 2007

Baby Jesus?

There was a very interesting gentlemen who was on our flight back to Tampa yesterday. And when I say interesting, I mean, strange, very strange. He climbed even higher on the marks of the eccentric meter when we noticed his carry-on-case (pictured below) which had a tag that read: "Manger." My mind began to wander... is this man a member of some kind of baby Jesus road show? Is he a nativity salesperson getting ready for for the upcoming holiday season? Or is he in fact a proud manager (clearly not very keen on spelling errors) who has an assistant that's playing a little trick on him?

It will remain a mystery since we did not get any clues while listening to the conversation between he and his travel companion. At the very least, the random tag made for great conversation on the tram ride to the baggage claim. An interesting little ending to another great week for us!

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