Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just Another Afternoon on the Road

Life on the road is awesome. We meet interesting people and see some pretty amazing and perhaps more often, strange things. Touring the country together is highly entertaining to say the very least, but sometimes we're in the middle of Idaho on a Tuesday at 10am with nothing to do until we go to campus at 5pm. We are then faced with the small town challenge of creating entertainment for ourselves. We might cruise through a community farmers market and chat with the locals as we taste the home grown goods, drive around town and take photos of unique architecture or quirky signs, which by the way, the smaller the town, the more original the signage becomes. We may find a delicious mom & pop diner that's been there since the town came to be and partake in a scrumptious meal while observing the local clientele or we simply enjoy a leisurely afternoon in our hotel room napping and catching up on Montel *please note, this is especially entertaining on Sylvia Brown Wednesday's. Or sometimes we spend quality be/ fri time in a Target store (as if we don't have several at home to choose from). No matter what region of the country, what state or city you happen to be in, the Target nearest you will have several must have orange sticker items that will drastically enhance your quality of life. Am I right?
This week we were cruising the aisles of our favorite retail establishment and were absolutely thrilled with our great finds! Winter is upon us and you know what that means... the fun, furry and festive cold weather attire is out! We entertained ourselves as well as the Target team members with a little winter outer wear fashion show and we thought we would share a little bit of our mid-day good times with you!
Becca is sporting the go green beanie with an adorable yet
sturdy tie that goes beautifully with her totally hot ear muffs.

Here I am ready for the slopes in a super chic navy and hot pink beanie with matching scarf.

Becca is really playing the part and looks fabulous in her faux fur cap. Work it girl, work it!

I will stay warm all winter long in this off-white stylish ball of faux fur love...
I just need to find the matching gloves!

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