Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Santa Loves Me!

You know how there's that one special gift that you hope to get for Christmas? Well, the hot item on my Christmas wish list this year was a juicer. Santa loves me yes he does, I got one! My husband found my giddy excitement amusing as I ripped open the shiny wrapping anxious to see if my new juicer really was inside. YES!! A Power Juicer, awesome.
My intentions for the juicer were not to make uber healthy green drinks filled with vigorous enzymes as pictured above. I wanted fresh squeezed citrus beverages, especially since citrus is every where in Florida and free when you know the owners of the trees! Lucky me. The OJ and Tangelo juice is fabulous but I was ready to explore and now I just can't stop myself. I am amazed at all of the juicing options out there and can't think about fruit or veggies without wondering what delicious and nutritious concoction my Jack LeLann Power Juicer can work up. Juicing is my life! Okay, not really but its my current obsession... I tend to have at least one a month. Obsessions are good for the soul aren't they? If not, hopefully the juicy potions I'm creating in my kitchen will balance it all out.
I'm off to clean my juicer, seriously.

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