Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday One Student

We have been on an extended and unintentional break from this blog and not that we're digging for excuses, but one of the reasons for our absence here is our latest project. We are happt to share with you that the first phase of the project is complete and the website is finally here! It’s like our baby is being born and these two mama’s could not be more excited or proud. One Student has been a dream of ours for years and to see it come to life is incredible. Thank you to our friends, family colleagues and fellow allies for all you have done to help turn the concept of One Student from wishful thinking into actuality and now streaming live for the world to see.

We look forward to developing the organization and working with you to help students and their allies enact change. So you’d think that after months of work (and meditation, hope and prayer) we could step back, relax and breathe just a little bit now that phase one of the website is finally here. Not a chance, we’re just getting started my friends and we are already working on phase two. Stay tuned!

We welcome your feedback and invite you to visit the Be The One tab and ask that you put your name with ours and sign the One Student pledge. By standing together we are sending a powerful message that One Student can make a difference and one sexual assault is too many.

Please pass the website and video along to everyone you know. Change starts with one student, one campus, one community and is literally just one click away. Come on, what are you waiting for? Click, share and be the one!

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