Saturday, March 11, 2006

Da Bears

What a great week! Went to Texas and met some rock solid folks at Baylor, go Bears. It was a great program filled with energetic and bright students (the school's excellent rep. is well deserved). The best part is how we got there. Several students lead by our new pal David decided that Baylor was ready to talk about sexual assault and date rape. So these proactive cats put it all together. They even sent out press releases and the media came out, not to mention that the good folks at the Baylor Lariat covered the story both before and after the was all very cool and very impressive. If David and company are an example of the future then I must say, things are looking bright. To David and all our new friends in Waco, thank you. Students like you keep us believing.

Much love- Kelly and Becca

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