Friday, March 17, 2006

LUCKY IN LOUISIANA! (an incredibly appropriate title for St. Patrick's Day)

KELLY HITS BIG!!! 240 points, cha-ching! That's 12 bucks!

Gambling is not something we do often (at least not the kind that requires money). So, when we had an afternoon to burn while we were in Shreveport, LA we were all too excited about the nickel slots! Yes, we said nickel slots. We quickly by-passed the penny slots as we were feeling like lady luck was on our side.
Our dreams of a Louisiana shopping spree were shattered when we discovered that we were not the winners of the $2,000 Isle of Capri daily drawing-- one that we thought was ours to win without a doubt. So we put our Lucky Magazine with Yes, No and Maybe tabs clearly marked away for the time being. We were highly optimistic about what the nickel slots had to offer.
The nickel slots were good to us. We still can't figure out which part was more fun, jumping up and down and cheering the machine on whenever we hit 25 cents or more...the fun part of that was getting everyone around us all excited about our big win only to discover that our winnings were less than 20 bucks and usually less than 2! But, hey we were winning! We also found great joy in teasing the drifters who were circling our slot block waiting to jump on our stools. There really should be some sort of slot machine etiquette don't ya think? We played one of the eager and aggressive drifters for a good twenty minutes. Every time he would peep over our shoulder (which was every 30 seconds) we would look at our watch and say, "We really need to go, but man oh man, this machine is being so good to us and it's about to hit big!" After about twenty minutes Mr. Drifter gave up and moved on. We spent a record breaking (for us anyway) three hours at the nickel slots! We left with a little less money than we sat down with, but not much- something like 20 bucks total. It was highly entertaining and worth every nickel!

A special thanks to Kimberly, the Assistant Director of Student Leadership and one of her students, Bobby who is the Speakers Chair at LSU who brought us to Shreveport. We had a great time at LSU-Shreveport and appreciate the true Southern hospitality! Thanks y'all!

Let the Good Times Roll,

K & B

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