Monday, April 03, 2006

Kelly on CNN Headline News- Nancy Grace Show !

So, here we are two homies trying to make a difference in this world and we get a call from a CNN producer! Coolio! We're still not sure how they discovered us, maybe through the article that appeared in The Herald Sun covering our program at Duke during the start of the media frenzy, maybe through a google search or maybe out of sheer desperation to find a rape survivor who was willing to talk on the show. Nonetheless, they found us! We got the call Friday afternoon and they sent a car to pick us up early that evening so that I (Kelly) could be in make-up by 7pm. Yes, they sent a car and we felt like super important people, especially when I was sitting in the make-up chair shortly after we arrived! How very Hollywood! When we arrived at the CNN building, they knew exactly who we were and whisked us away to get ready to go on set. I was so nervous, but tried to play it cool, like I had done this sort of thing before. Becca was with me of course, and our dear friend Anna who recently graduated from law school was kick'n it with us in Atlanta when we got the call from CNN so she came with us too. We felt super prepared having legal council present as we embarked on our first national media experience! So, they powdered my face and teased my hair a bit, applied some super shiny lip gloss - I was now camera ready. Becca and Anna were wandering through the research area and tip towing around the studio snapping photos and keeping an eye out for other VIP's. One of the producers came to get us and brought us to the set. They slip an ear piece in, clip a mic on my jacket, tell me which monitor to look at and say, "we go live in 5"(just like they do for Katie Couric I'm thinking). About 10 minutes into the show, the host, Nancy Grace asked, "What's your take on that Kelly." I responded as best I could under the live, national news for the first time circumstance and that was it. What a tremendous opportunity. It was an amazing experience. I was honored to be a part of the show, even if it was only 20 seconds, it was 20 seconds on CNN, live!
Life is good and keeps getting better!
Peace out,

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