Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Water Heater a Go Go

This week has been intense and a little off. After the best Easter ever (being Jewish the bar was low), I returned home to a water heater gone caput. Following a unpleasant clean up we finally went to bed. Monday I got the run around and ultimately no one could help me. Yet, my loved ones showered me with empathy. Friends and family were like, "oh no" and "that is just awful". People called to see how we were and if there was any progress, they all really cared and rallied around us. It was all incredibly nice and much appreciated but all I could think was, it is just a water heater. It could be much, much worse. I thought a lot about the amazing survivors we have met on our journey and how they would take a busted water heater any day. I guess that is another perk to the work we do, we see pain and survival everyday. I have seen the human spirit flourish in difficult situations and it makes for a tempered perspective. Sometimes that very perspective saves us from ourselves.

It is Wednesday and the hunt for a water heater and install marches on. Today, I have had the worst customer service experiences of my life. I was frazzled, mad and frustrated but then I remembered it is just a water heater.

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