Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Frozen Tundra

Sometimes it feels like bad weather follows us on our cross country journey to spread the good word of sexual empowerment. Not sure if the weather finds us or we find it, either way we're always up for the challenge. Through rain, sleet or snow, we will find our way.

Becca found great humor in me snow plowing our rental car while working in the northeast during the Great Storm of 2009. Seriously, that's what the weather folk were calling it. I don't know about great but it sure was messy.

We woke up early to do our best to get ready for the snow filled highways. Manual labor for Becca was a photo shoot followed up by a quick video shoot and so here's what we have to share from the Great Storm of 2009. What a glamorous life we live!

Two Florida girls trying to do our thing and doing our best to stay safe and warm through it all.

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