Monday, November 30, 2009

Is your organization looking to enhance your online presence?

If it's true that the company you keep is an indication of your character then we are rocking baby! We hope by now you know that is our incredible fall tour title sponsor. This socially conscious company cares about students, your organizational success and providing the best web sites and hosting on the market, hands down. You might think they would charge through the roof for such service but they don't. They want to be within reach of their audience and we love that. If you or your organization is looking to create an online presence or you want to amp up what you already have please reach out to our friends at Celect to learn more about all they have to offer. We think you'll be impressed with what you find. Their offerings are excellent, customer service is spectacular and they are passionate about making a difference. Who could ask for anything more? Oh how about they help your two soul sisters reach countless more students, to talk about "IT". Celect, if lovin' you is wrong we don't want to be right.

Celect will empower your organization with the tools you need to manage, grow, and succeed.

Celect is home to over 1,300 national and local fraternities, sororities, student organizations, and alumni groups. Within these groups, there are hundreds of thousands of members that use Celect to strengthen their connection to the organization and other members. Websites that utilize Celect are also integrated with Facebook through two of the top Greek applications, which Celect developed, called The Greek Community and Greek Family Tree. By combining Celect with Facebook applications, your members are free to move between their individual and organizational networks with just a click – further cementing ties to your organization.

Enhance Your Presence

Finding the right online website management and networking tool allows your organization to enhance its community presence and public outreach. Sharing news, policies, and calendars, coordinating fundraisers and donation campaigns, managing member profiles, and sharing photos and videos online will help centralize and promote your organization’s values, goals, and purpose. Click here to see a full list of the features, tools and benefits that Celect offers.

Celect will help you build the public image that is right for you as well as assist in the management your organization’s day-to-day activity. There is no need to have a tech-savvy “administrator” who controls your website. The Celect platform allows organizations to assign different permission levels to different types of members, which promotes participation.

Connect, Reconnect and Network

Celect realizes that many smaller or local groups are often part of a larger organization. Our online organizational networking system can help bring your members, sub-organizations, and national/parent organization together, more often and more effectively. With features that create unlimited groups, individual members can connect with other groups within the organization or with other individual members, and vice versa.

Member Management and Recruitment

Celect is designed to help you reach out to your members, build effective channels of communication and retain their membership. The Celect platform can also help recruit new members with special tools designed to focus on recruitment efforts and building membership – allowing your organization to better target potential new members and follow-through with specific recruitment communications.

To learn how Celect can help your College, Greek, or Alumni Group create a web presence and manage its day-to-day member activity, call 1-888-88CELECT, or e-mail

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