Tuesday, November 03, 2009

November’s Featured Program for Change

The University of Maine Athletes for Sexual Responsibility

College athletes struggle with a number of sexuality issues ranging from pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted disease prevention, dating dilemmas, communication problems, date rape and gang rape. The University of Maine is addressing these serious national problems through a unique peer education program that shows athletes as more than role models for physical strength, agility and stamina, but also as role models for appropriate social and sexual behavior. This program has become a model for colleges and universities across the country.

The semester long program trains student-athletes to present a variety of workshops including: "Rape Awareness," "Smart Sex" and "Drinking & Dating." It uses athletes as role models and actors who portray characters in damaging or potentially harmful sexual situations who then engage the audience to explore positive alternatives. The current troupe includes male and female student-athletes, representing the various intercollegiate sports at the University of Maine.

Feeling inspired? If you would like more information about Athletes for Sexual Responsibility or want to find out how to join a Program for Change on your campus, enhance your current mission or start a new campaign/ organization in your community please contact us at info@kellyandbecca.com.

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