Friday, February 03, 2006

BEWARE...Beginner Bloggers

Okay, we have to admit this blog thing is very new for us. Normally, we have so much to say, but the "publish" button has us a little blog shy. We know better than to believe our bashful blog behavior will last and predict that we'll be blogg'n fools in no time. How technologically hip and trendy are we?!
Stay tuned for regular updates on travel stories, deep thoughts, current events and topics related to campus issues, funny situations, and great happenings that are so good they must be shared! Amazing happenings like, Kelly's fabulous Christmas gift that keeps on giving -- She finally got the fabulous CHI hair straightener she's been dreaming of. To life changing experiences like the time when Becca and Kelly both quit their corporate day jobs to follow their dreams.
We'll try our best to keep it interesting and at the very least, we're sure to keep ourselves highly entertained!
Signing off...wait a sec, do you sign off on a blog?

Live'n the dream,
Becca and Kelly

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Mr. Toast said...

Hey there, welcome to the Blog-o-Sphere. Don't worry about finding your "voice" - it will develop as you go along. Check out lots of other people's blogs, because you can't be a good writer without first being a good reader. Above all, have fun with it. Good luck!