Wednesday, February 22, 2006 much more than corn!

(PHOTO- Kelly shares a moment with SMART student, Courtney after the program)
On February 13th (aka Valentine Eve)we had the pleasure of speaking at Wartburg College in Waverly Iowa. Wartburg is a small Lutheran school just outside of Waterloo Iowa. We had a chance to meet a small, but enthusiastic group of students. We'd like to send a quick shout out to Sarah and Sonci and thank them for being such a great host's. We would also like to commend the SMART organization (Sexual Misconduct and Assault Resource Team) at Wartburg for all of the great things you're doing. They shared one of their most recent activities with us, which we think is worth sharing with all you blog readers out there! During the Hallmark week of love, the ambitious members of SMART had an amazing group of students who visited all of the dorm rooms on campus to "check-in" and make sure students were being safe and locking their doors. They left notes behind explaining what they were doing and why and also left scrumptious valentine treats for those who had their doors securely locked. Great job SMART, keep up the fantastic work! Although we feel safe in our cozy campus environment, it's important to remember the little things, like keeping our doors locked.
Signing off from the road,
Kelly and Becca
P.S. We enjoyed some down home Iowa kettle corn before our departure, delicious!

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