Monday, February 19, 2007

Cruising 8 Mile with my homie

We had the pleasure of visiting Oakland University today, which is just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Our lovely host, Jean Ann who is the Director of Student Activities at Oakland could quite possibly be the most caring and warm person we’ve met! Meeting faculty, staff and students that inspire us is one of the coolest things about our job.

Then there are the little adventures that we stumble upon…
As we were leaving campus and driving to the airport we passed a sign for 8 Mile. We both felt that under no circumstance could we go to Detroit and not take a quick drive down the hugely famous Eight Mile Road! So, we followed the signs and found ourselves rolling down the legendary highway. Of course we sent a shout out to Eminem and Kid Rock as we drove the strip. The things we get to see and do while on the road! Another perfect day; spreading the word about sexual assault awareness and prevention and squeezing in a little roll down 8 mile with my homie!
Keep'n it real,

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