Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Colgate, Beauty and Brains

Some of you know that Kelly and I get a little nervous when we visit a campus of elite status. Not that we have any reason to feel that way as our experiences at the most competitive academic institutions has been wonderful. But, somewhere inside us it stirs up some butterflies.

However, we were both nervous and excited to visit Colgate. Several years ago, we had passed it on a drive to a New York high school. Overwhelmed at it's beauty we very much wanted the chance to go there, meet the campus community and spread our message. So, you can imagine our excitement when we got the call to come to campus.

Nothing short of our greatest expectations were met...with one exception. We were in the middle of some nasty weather and almost did not make it. Sadly, our precious time over dinner with students and faculty was cut short. We look forward to keeping in touch with the great students we connected with there.


Becca and Kelly

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