Friday, May 04, 2007

Cruising the Pacific Highway

The day after our UCSD gig we had a few hours to check out San Diego before we headed home. We started things off with a delicious Mexican style breakfast (we were just 30 quick momentos from the border) at the Broken Yolk Cafe and for some reason felt the need to snap a quick pic of the egg shaped menu. We are so easily amused. After breakfast we caught some waves...well not really, but we did take pictures of them! See- Becca's pictured below enjoying the cool California breeze. We cruised the California Pacific Highway just like so many people do in the movies. How cool! In our action packed 3 hour cram before we had to be at the airport we managed to squeeze in a quick trip to an estuary to learn about the land and the animals that reside in the protected waters. Then we stopped off the highway to watch local surfers do their thing and ended our afternoon with a drive through the beach front neighborhoods to check out the fabulous homes with spectacular views. Oh, and we even stopped at a brand new Trader Joe's for some healthy snacks for the long plane ride home. After just 24 hours in San Diego, I totally understand what all the the hype is about, it's a gorgeous place, with perfect weather, great people and amazing coastal views.
So once again, Cali was good to us and we're looking forward to coming back soon!

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vanessa said...

hey girls, I LOVE teh Broken Yolk, it's one of my favorites in the US. Did you know that you can take I 10 from Cali all the way to NOLA
love ya'll so much