Monday, May 21, 2007

I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship...

In the past few months many of you may recall me talking about (or blog readers- writing about) one of my hero's, Jessica Weiner. Jessica, is an amazing author , inspirational speaker, television personality, the Global Ambassador for the Dove Fund and so much more.

I reached out to Jess a few months back just to thank her for her influence on my life. I assume she gets these such e-mails often and sincerely expected nothing in return- not even a response. I just wanted her to know how much her work has meant to me.

Never underestimate the power and kindness of our hero's!

Jess, wrote back saying she appreciated the work Kelly and I were doing, she went on to say we should find a time to meet up and hang (this was cool beyond my wildest dreams), further she offered and is featuring us as Actionist's in her monthly newsletter and has asked us to be members of Team Jess on her web site. Please stop reading for a moment and visit

Ok, so now my love was flourishing as I was floored by her immense kindness.

It gets better.

We actually hung out with Jess in California recently and let me say...despite all our expectations and respect for her. This rock star was even more incredible in person.

The purpose of this note is two-fold. One, never be afraid to put yourself out there. I could have spent my whole life never sharing Jessica's impact on me and I would have been fine. Her words and her works would have still been a point of reflection and inspiration in my life. But, possibilities I NEVER imagined now exist because I simply opened myself up and put some well deserved love back into the universe.

Second, go visit Jess's site Check out our stuff on there and then buy all her books and goods for everyone you know and love.

Please check it out and let me know what you think. Subscribe to her newsletter (then you can see us in there in the future). Plus, if have yet to subscribe to our funky fresh newsletter hit us up

Also, Kelly and I are getting ready to launch a new addition to our campaign.

Sisters 4 Empowerment & Brothers 4 Change

We think this will be a very exciting way to get the message out! Stay tuned for hot off the presses information coming VERY SOON!

We know you are going to love it.

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