Thursday, May 03, 2007

University of California San Diego

Our last gig of the semester was in a picture perfect location on a super cool campus and the best part is that we got a chance to meet and work with lots of extremely passionate and supportive students. UCSD brought the noise for sure! Their Take Back the Night event has become quite the tradition at UCSD and we were totally impressed with the entire evening and honored to be a part of it all. The students who put the event together were absolutely wonderful and such amazing hosts! They were able to create a tremendously warm, inviting and supportive space and worked hard to provide an opportunity for the campus community to come together and speak out against sexual assault. We were moved and inspired by the many students who courageously came forward to speak in front of hundreds of students. For some of them, it was their first time sharing their deeply private and raw emotion. I am so proud of each of them for being so incredibly brave. Personally, this was a very healing experience for me and I am sure it was for many others as well. It was an awe inspiring night, an evening that took my breath away and filled my heart with hope. I know that I have said many times before that the students we meet inspire me to continue to live my mission to speak out against sexual violence, but after an event like this, I can't help but repeat it again...these students were such a huge inspiration to me! They touched my soul in a very gentle way that reminded me that so many people genuinely care and will not give up.
More hopeful, determined and focused then ever,

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