Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We experienced a little travel delay today on our way to St. Mary's University. After two delayed flights we arrived in the San Antonio airport about 45 minutes before we were scheduled to be on campus to join the fine folks of St. Mary's for dinner. With no time to go to the hotel first we decided to set up a little make shift vanity in the airport restroom which was conveniently located next to the rental car counter- a great time saver. They had all the major necessities a girl could ask electric outlet, a sink, and a mirror. The only think lacking was privacy which we did not mind but I'm afraid some other travelers did. Oh well. So as you can see life on the road is far from glamorous. What would Fergie think?
Here's a little clip of Becca commenting on our situation as she quickly gets her curly locks in check for the night.

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