Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We "heart" NACA!

This was our first time at NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) and we are in love! It was such an honor and a surprise to be accepted to showcase at this world class event. It is a truly great conference full of THE absolute nicest people... really, never have we been around so many kind and positive folks. NACA hosted lots of amazing educators, speakers, musicians, comedians and activists, they even had a mechanical bull. No joke! It is a literal playground for today's college students (and some speakers). We were deeply regretting that we were never on the programming board at UWF as we so missed out.
Lance Bass was in our set, he was actually our opening act! ...

Darryl McDaniels or DMC (of Run-DMC) as most of the world knows him was also in our set and we got a chance to meet him. He is such a nice guy. Very cool!

We made a new funny friend, Eric Schwartz- aka Smooth E. A great comedian who will be at the Tampa Improv in March so for all you Tampa friends who want to kick it with the funny and suave Smooth E let us know!

Also, NACA gave us time to spend with one of our mentors and the lead dog at CAMPUSPEAK, TJ Sullivan. We captured a photo of our booth aka home base at the conference. Here many NACA rock stars acquired the Super Sexually Empowered t-shirts that are a part of this year's Unite for Change Campaign. If you weren't there but gotta have one...there are still a few open dates for this year's tour. Also, in this month's newsletter you can register to win a 6-pack of T's. Value- Priceless.
Lastly, our NACA was excellent but not at all possible without the vision and leadership of our dear friend, sister and the Unite for Change Creative Director Kim Northup. She has done so much for us that we are forever thankful.
Off to doodle hearts in our notebooks about our new crush...NACA!
-K and B

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