Saturday, February 23, 2008

Leadership is Cool!!!

We're at one of our favorite conferences MGCA (Mid-American Greek Council Association) in the urban hip city of Chicago home to Oprah and my good friend who I will refer to as N.A. since he happens to be super private when it comes to his identity on the web (Totally love him!). While doing our thing at the conference we had the pleasure of facilitating a Leadership Pathway program with our dear friend and fellow speaker Bil Leipold. (Totally love him too!) This particular session was a 4 hour breakout with Fraternity and Sorority Vice President's from campuses all over the country. The title of the session was THE GOOGLE EFFECT: Ensuring your organization has what it takes to survive and thrive. After a few hours of visually appealing power point slides, many thought provoking questions, deep thoughts and conversation, and lots of forward thinking we are confident that these students have what it takes to lead their organizations well and to create an action plan that will bring sustainability and success to their chapters.
Below is a group of leaders striking a pose in their goggles (end result of the entertaining craft portion of the pathway).
Greek leaders ROCK!

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