Thursday, March 13, 2008

Simple Travel Etiquette

We sometimes get a bit irritated with our fellow travelers in airports throughout the land. Frustrated with the not so friendly travelers aboard a recent flight we decided to shoot a little video blog action to let go of the anger in a healthy way and to share our top tips for airport etiquette before we hit the friendly skies!

1. Respect lines.
There is nothing more frustrating than someone who either mistakenly or intentionally ignores obvious order. Take a look around people, be aware.
2. No leaning please.
The space is tight enough already and the last thing I want is your seat in my lap. At 5'9", I can't tell you how many times I've had my knee caps slammed by the rapid recline of a seat in front of me. Not only is this painful and annoying, it's just rude!
3. Do NOT crowd the baggage claim carousel.
This might be my biggest frustration of all. We rarely check our bags but when we do I dread going to the baggage claim area to wrestle with the sea of vultures who crowd the carousel. When travelers (and the monster sized group that came to meet them at the airport) try to get so close that they're practically on top of the moving belt no one behind them can see a thing. Nothing! This is why I think airports should implement the 3 foot rule. Stand at least 3 feet behind the carousel until your bag is close, politely pardon your way to the carousel, grab your bag and step back. Then we can ALL see!
We just couldn't stop at 3, so we included a BONUS TIP - Be prepared for the security line. Life is so much easier for you and everyone behind you if you have your driver's license and boarding pass out before get get to the security check point. Also, while you're waiting to be scanned, puffed or frisked remove your shoes, chunky metal jewelry, and your belt and get them ready to place in a bin on the x-ray belt-TSA employees will love you for it!
Wow, I feel better already. Thanks!
Safe travels,


Michele Wilkinson said...
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Michele Wilkinson said...

I was on your website and checked out the blog. I'm so proud of you guys. Not only do you help people become sexually empowered but you also give great travel tips!!!