Monday, April 14, 2008

2008 the year of abundance?

Is it just me or does 2008 seem to be a year of rebirth and new beginnings? I pegged this year in 2007 as the year of abundance...but boy even I was in for a few surprises.
Professionally Kelly and I have had an amazing time this term. The people we have met, the stories they have shared will be with us forever. We have had our share of travel mishaps but it is all a part of the ride. However, I never knew I could get so much of my beauty routine accomplished in a airport bathroom. Hot!

We were honored to be featured presenters at three of the most prestigious conferences in our field. The NACA National (it is like going to the coolest college camp) if you are still in school and can join the programming board- RUN don't walk to make that happen. MGCA which is the big daddy of all Greek regionals. Thousands of leaders from all over the country converge on Chicago and work to better their campuses and communities. If MGCA is the big daddy then without question SEPC is the hot mama! The conference I proudly attended as a undergraduate Panhellenic officer and have have now presented at at least six times honored us with a featured session. Now, say what you will about the south (but be nice, my mom is from Georgia) but these women are making things happen. If you ever want to look determination and dedication in the eye make plans to join us here next year.

We were also honored with the highly regarded "Speaker of the Year" nomination from the good folks at Campus Activities Magazine. Wow. we were floored and humbled. It was pretty awesome. Even more shocking we (the only women up for the honor) took the silver. Not bad for two gals with a dream.

However great work has been, nothing has prepared me for all the reminders of how blessed I am at home. First of all my husband is the best thing (next to Kelly) that has ever happened to me. He calms the storm. Just last night while I was immersed in the new episode of Desperate Housewives he came home and had picked me up and prepared a chocolate lava cake. He is a dreamboat. What really makes him special is his ability to always understand me even when he does not agree. Over the past 11 going on 12 years we have found an amazing rhythm that simply improves over time. For the past few months I have also watched my better half work with our latest rescue Duke, the Doberman with such kindness and determination that it is beautiful.
So as I pack up today for the last two weeks of travel for the semester I am fully committed to making each and every moment count. I look forward to meeting new students and learning from them. Seeing new places and further developing an appreciation for our beautiful country and while missing home knowing that we have the full support of our partners and families to live this crazy dream we crafted so many years ago.

I look forward to sharing more exciting things with all of you in the coming months and I thank you for the profound impact you have had on my life.

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