Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sex & Love

Dr. Jen McWeeny’s Sex and Love Philosophy class at John Carroll University planned an entire week of awareness and we were lucky enough to score the Monday night spot. It was such an honor to work with this group of students and their community and rather interesting as well as inspiring to learn what their unique philosophy class was all about. Apparently Love and Sex is a common course in philosophy departments. We had no idea! This particular course was designed from scratch by Dr. McWeeny as a means to give the students an academic forum to discuss and learn about domestic abuse and sexual assault. Is that awesome or what?

Dr. McWeeny discovered a unique way of challenging students not only to re-examine what they believe and why, but to think out loud and push beyond what they read and learn to find something new that can and should be done to change their campus, community and the world. She has truly inspired the students at John Carroll to make a difference and for that we thank her a million times over.

Becca and I always tell people that we continue to be inspired by the students and professionals we get the opportunity to work with and this is another amazing example of how totally lucky we are to have people like Dr. McWeeny and her students walk into our lives.

Truly lucky and ever so grateful,

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