Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sig Ep's totally rule!

The Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon
We were honored to be invited to the University of San Diego to be a part of Panhellenic's Philanthropy week hosted by Sigma Phi Epsilon. They had some serious stuff going down this week...a self defense class, donation drive to collect prom dresses for high school students, a toiletry drive for a loal women's shelter, an evening dedicated to sexual assault awareness and the grand finally of it was an official dance off. How fabulous is that? All in fun to raise awareness as well as some major fundage to support a foundation which was founded by an alumni member of Sig Ep. They were half way to their fundraising goal when we were on campus Wednesday and they felt confident that they would reach the $70,000 mark (which would double the school record). WOW! That's absolutely amazing.
Ryan, Becca, Kelly and Dave

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