Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meet Lex!

Hey there party people! We are stoked about introducing you to our fantastically humorous and magnificently brilliant new British mate, Lex. We like to call him Lexi- Darling because, well it just sounds so wonderfully British! Lex McKee came into our lives several months ago when we were welcomed into the Psycho Geometrics family as 2 of the 34 licensed consultants. We knew Lex through the world wide web of course, but got the chance to meet him in the flesh a couple weeks ago at the Psycho Geometrics World Conference and became fast friends.

Not only is Lex fun to kick it with, but he's an amazing professional speaker, author, entertainer, producer and artist! We wanted to give you a little taste of what Sir Lex is all about so we did a low cost, no production time video shoot of him (because that's how we roll) so that we could easily share it with you. So we invite you to check out his bio, the video and read the text synopsis and please feel free to cruise his web-site(s) too!

7 Steps Towards a Life to the Full

1 Move towards, not away from. Every time you find yourself not wanting something to happen, ask yourself, "what would I rather have?" Then move towards more of that.

2 Nutrition - feed on good thoughts. The most important words for you as an individual are your "I am..." statements. Make sure you are only saying positive things about yourself, your skills and your attitudes.

3 Reproduction - find someone new to share your best ideas, skills and attitudes with.

4 Excretion - clear your clutter (emotionally, psychologically, or physically)Get rid of "stinking thinking!"

5 Grow - start learning a new skill - like an instrument. Music has magic in it - it'll enrich your experience of life.

6 Respiration - share, share, share. Grow up and start working 'with' other people. Individualism is over-rated - find a soul-mate, a kindred-spirit, and work together on a mutually beneficial project.

7 Sensitivity - STOP! Press 'Pause' on the iPlayer of your life. Reflect and then think about the other key players in your life's drama. Ask yourself, "How could I be more sensitive to their needs? When could I next spend quality time with them? How could I make it easier for them to open up to me?"

More about Lex...

Lex McKee has been in the business of making training entertaining since 1982. Weaving entertainment and training together, he believes in the importance of ‘Entertrainment®’ – making learning enjoyable, engaging and enduring. Alongside trainer-training, Lex specializes in three key Leadership Development areas: learning, influencing, and creative thinking – the three fields most strongly associated with sustainable success in life. He is now working on the concepts of "Living Organisations®", using biological, ecological, psychological, and even theological models to propose a fresh paradigm for business vitality and longevity. (See Lex also runs a recording studio to support direct training with ‘accelerated’ audio-visual productions. The techniques pioneered in the studio utilize a unique approach to enhancing the listener’s state-of-mind through blending layers of music, natural soundscapes, brainwave entrainment, empowering language, and binaural recording. Leran more about Lex and his work on his web-site -

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