Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Tribute to the Golden Girls

On a recent weekend road trip with a couple of our closest girlfriends we were feeling the friendly golden girls spirit and wanted to record and share the memories with our best-est buddy, Vanessa who sadly could not join us on this trip. Vanessa is quite possibly the biggest fan (under 50) of the Golden Girls out there and we can't hear this song without thinking of her. So, what better way to share a true message of love than with a good ol' fashioned car ride sing-a-long? It's even better than a mixed tape!
Never afraid to make fools of our self we thought it was appropriate to now share the love with you! Maybe this will inspire you to plan a little summer weekend road trip for you and your buds or at the very least tune into a re-run episode of the Golden Girls! Or take it one step further as we often do and play the game, "Which Golden Girl character are you?"

Wising you safe summer road trips filled with lasting memories and endless sing-a-longs,
DJ Magic Kelly

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