Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We "heart" Grease!

The cast of Grease 3 pictured above: Becca. Kelly, Candace, Katie, Holley, Lauren, Kim, Michele, Laura & Carlene
We recently got together with a group of friends at a hip new bowling alley for a little friendly competition. Sadly, we failed to rehearse a spectacular song and dance routine as a sort of Grease 2 tribute to entertain the local patrons. It was hard to get the buy in from the gang on that, but there’s always next time. Maybe a future gathering will include a night of Karaoke! Here’s hoping…
Forever your Pink Ladies,
K & B

P.S. Michele would probably like us to mention that she bowled the highest score overall and that includes beating out her husband and all the other men too! You go Rizzo!

1 comment:

Katie Vickers said...

You both are so awesome! A night of kareoke MUST be in our near future!