Wednesday, April 29, 2009


“Since We All Came From A Woman, Got Our Name From A Woman, And Our Game From A Woman,

I Wonder Why We Take From Women, Why We Rape Our Women, Do We Hate Our Women?

I Think Its Time We... Be Real To Our Women, Try To Heal Our Women, 'Cus If We Don't We'll Have A Race Of Babies That Will Hate The Ladies………..”
- Tupac Shakur

We saw this in a ppt Jimmie Briggs shared with us recently. The rhyme jumped off the screen and while this old school jam danced around in our heads and brought back memories of the many unfortunate wardrobe choices made in the early 90's it also became the starting point of an in depth discussion about violence against women in our communities and not just in our city or state or country, but throughout the entire world.

Just how many quiet voices and invisible faces are out there? When did it start? Why do we let it continue? How can we help them be heard, help them be seen? What can we do to make it stop and help these women and children feel safe, to help them heal?

We can start by facing what we hear, what we see and talk about it. Take lyrics, photos, art, movies, stories and turn them into conversations. Discussion leads to action and action brings change. One person can make a difference.

Jimmie is Executive Director of MAN UP, a campaign to end gender violence and personally, we think Mr. Briggs is one of the most righteous dudes on the planet. Thanks for sharing this with us JB and thank you for all you do to challenge our thoughts and help bring change to the world.

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