Wednesday, June 10, 2009

News Release Reports Increase in Sexual Assaults

Sexual Assaults on the Rise in Sacramento
-- Sabrina Sadler

Recently, the Sacramento Police Department released the first quarter Crime Statistics for 2009. The results showed a reduction in crime rates in all categories with the exception of sexual assaults. Sexual assaults in Sacramento have nearly DOUBLED since last year.

So the question arises, is the increase in sexual assaults due to an increase in the crime or is the increase due to more victims reporting sexual assault?

My hope is more victims are reporting the sexual assault.

The other factor in these statistics is the perpetrators are more commonly a family member or acquaintance. So what should this tell society? Do sexual assaults only happen by strangers? NO

A Sexual Assault can happen…
To Anyone.
And by someone you know and trust.

My hope from this news release is for the public to become more aware and acknowledge that sexual assaults are occurring. For Sacramento, sexual assaults are not only occurring but they are occurring at an increasing rate. We need to educate ourselves on sexual assault and then share our education with those around us. Become aware, get educated, and take a stand against violence.

City of Sacramento Police Department
News Release

Tuesday, June 02, 2009
Sexual Assaults Increase for 1st Quarter of the Year

Thus far in 2009, the Sacramento Police Department has seen a reduction in crime rates in all categories with the exception of sexual assaults.

From January - April 2009, we have received nearly double the number of sexual assault reports in comparison to the same time period from the previous year. In reviewing the cases, the increase was noted in cases where the suspect was known to the victim either as a friend or a family member. The Police Department encourages those who are victims of sexual assault to immediately report the incident. In sexual assault cases, it is important to preserve any physical evidence of the crime by not showering and maintain the clothing you were wearing.

The following are some general safety tips to try and follow:

- Avoid meeting anyone alone that you have never met or only know casually (i.e. online chat rooms, blind dates, etc.). If you do, make sure someone knows who and where you are meeting, and try to meet in a public place
- If you are out after hours or late at night, have someone you trust walk with you.
- Always watch a bartender mix your drink and don't accept open drinks from strangers.
- Don't go to parties where you don't know the host
- Don't accept rides from strangers
- If you feel uncomfortable with a situation, call someone you trust to pick you up.
- Stay in well-lit, public areas when out at night
- If you don't know a person, don't trust them
- Avoid being intoxicated to the point of not remembering or not being able to defend yourself
- Go out in a buddy system and have an agreement that you will stay together and leave together
- Beware of people you meet on the internet. Internet conversations can lead to a false sense of knowing a person
Sacramento Police Department – 5770 Freeport Boulevard, Suite 100 – Sacramento, California 95822

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