Monday, June 01, 2009

Dane Cook and the word RAPE

Before we get down to what comedian Dane Cook says about using the word RAPE in his most recent Comedy Central special we want to introduce you to the author of this post, Ms. Sabrina Sadler. Sabrina is our Social Outreach Intern and we are more than excited about all that she will contribute to the blog and to Unite for Change this summer. Thanks Sabrina for the first of many posts to come.

Dane Cook’s transcript from his “Isolated Incident” tour on Comedy Central:
I think the word we need to remove from our everyday vernacular is the word “raped.”

I think the word raped gets thrown around far too casually. You ever listen to a bunch of guys playing video games with each other online? It’s like, “Ah man you shot me in the back dude. You raped me dude!”

I’m pretty sure if I talked to a woman who’s been through that horrific situation and I said, “What was it like you know being raped?" She’s not gonna look at me and go, “Have you ever played Halo?”

After watching Dane Cook’s Isolated Incident Tour on the Comedy Central, and hearing his opinion on the word rape, he definitely caught my attention. Not only does he say the word rape needs to be removed from everyday conversations but that the word rape is used to loosely.

I know from personal experience. I have seen and heard the word rape be used inappropriately far too often whether it is in a friend’s Facebook status or in casual conversation. I know in today’s society we have begun the transition of using the word rape to use sexual assault which is a broader term. This being the case I have never seen someone using the term sexual assault out of context or in a casual matter so we shouldn't be using the word rape out of context. Both sexual assault and rape are acts of sexual violence and sexual violence is no joking matter. So what can we do to stop the word rape from be used so casually?

First, we need to be aware. Be aware of the meaning of the word rape. Look up the actual meaning of the word!

Second, acknowledge what the word rape may mean to a victim of rape. Chances are a victim will have strong feelings about the word rape and the word will be no joking matter.

Thirdly, take a stand! If you hear someone using the word rape in a loose matter question that person. Get them to think about the meaning of the word.

Help bring Awareness in your everyday life! We ALL have the power to do so!

Thank you Dane Cook for questioning the use of the word rape.



megancecelia said...

I was also really interested to hear his take on the use of the word "rape" in his special. I'm a fan of Dane Cook but if you keep watching in this same special he goes on to talk about role playing- specifically the kind that involves instances of rape burglary and rape. I struggled with him addressing both topics because it made him come off as hypocritical.
just was surprised that he brought up both sides in the same special.

quilici88 said...

What a brilliant blog! Bringing awareness of sexual assault is a difficult task. The way you have connected such a popular comedian to an everyday issue is very smart. Good luck to you and your blog I can't wait to read more