Thursday, May 28, 2009

Graduation, vacation and ninety degree weather is here and while we have summer on our minds we can't help but reminisce about how fantastic the past couple of months have been. Spring brought many new people and places into our lives for which we are always grateful and we had the chance to go back to some of our favorite spots, like our Alma Mater. Each stop on this amazing journey holds a special significance to us but this semester in particular we went to new places that helped us grow and learn as activists, challenged us to think in new ways and is helping us to bring a stronger more sexually empowered message to each campus and community we visit.

In February, we made our way to Nashville to speak at the National Association of Campus Activities National Conference. This was a double bonus for us because not only did we get the chance to kick it with the NACA posse which we happen to be head over heels in love with, but we also got to visit with one of our closest and most adorable homies, Vanessa who recently made the Music City home. NACA Nationals also marked the official launch of SEXVERSATIONS®.

Our wonderful agents, The College Agency introduced us to a whole new world of good times and impassioned students, campus professionals and military folks when we showcased for the first time at the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA) in Atlanta this past March. While we were there we caught up with some old friends and made some new ones too who jumped right in to engage in sexually empowered speak, which is awesome as we're always looking to grow our sexually empowered posse.

In mid-April we landed in D.C. to attend the Men and Women as Allies Conference hosted by Men Can Stop Rape on the same day Bo Obama was united with his forever family. To be frank, it was a transformational experience. Even now in the last stretches of May we are still feeling all sorts of jacked up, inspired and most definitely empowered by folks like Rosario Dawson, actress and activist, Lt. Col. Nate Galbreath, Deputy Director, Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention Response Office, Byron Hurt, anti-sexist activist and Catherine Pierce, Acting Director of Office on Violence Against Women just to name a few. With Unite for Change as a co-sponsor we were privy to all the detail and care that went into this conference and it showed in every piece of the program. As soon as we know the conference dates for 2010 we will let you know so you can mark your calendar and meet us in D.C. next year.

Spring 2009 started with an anniversary celebration and is ending with one too. The beginning of 2009 marked our 19th year of friendship and while many couples may celebrate this milestone with the gift of bronze, we honored our anniversary by rock'n out with one of our favorite bands from back in the day, Cowboy Mouth. And the close of our spring semester marks the end of our first year with The College Agency. We are still feeling all the nostalgia that comes with the honeymoon phase of a new union and expect it will last for years to come.
This academic year brought so many wonderful opportunities; we visited over 50 cities and met more amazing people than we can count. This was Becca's first year traveling as a new mom and while being a parent brought a new dimension to both her work and her desire to end sexual violence she is very excited to spend the dog days of summer with her little one. Kelly was humbled to receive the Outstanding Young Alumnus Award from the University of West Florida. Sorority sisters, family and friends packed several tables as Kelly received this much deserved honor. It was truly a full circle moment as the space Kelly stood in to accept her award was the same place she stood along side Becca to present their first program 10 years ago. Our journey has turned into more than we could have imagined possible and we are fully aware that none of this would have been possible without each of you. So while we can never say it enough, thank you for all that you do to support sexual assault awareness and prevention, together we will transform our culture into a sexually empowered one.

Kelly & Becca looking for Bo...


Several weeks ago we posted a position for intern candidates. We were optimistic but had reasonable expectations, and boys and girls, we were blown away. Queries about the gig from talented passionate doers with unique perspectives and skills filled our inbox from multiple continents (I know, we were shocked too). After wading through our pool of applicants we interviewed our top folks and now we are honored to introduce the summer 2009 interns, Molly and Sabrina. We look forward to working with these impassioned and empowered young women and can hardly wait to see how their talent and effort will help shape our organization. We are confident y'all will dig these two visionary rock stars as much as we do. Meet Molly and Sabrina-

Molly Hays

Molly is a talented writer with a real knowledge of contemporary feminism and a strong passion for making a difference. Molly attends The University of Central Florida where she writes for the campus paper and is majoring in Journalism with a minor in Women's Studies. In addition to being smart and spunky, Molly has loads of leadership experience and will be a fantastic addition to the team.

Sabrina Sadler

Sabrina is a passionate activist who leads by example and in just two short years her volunteer work has already made a huge impact on her community. Sabrina's energy and enthusiasm are contagious which is what has helped her engage her sorority sisters and countless others in the quest to end sexual violence. We are thrilled to have this recent graduate of California State University, Sacramento join the family.


Many activists, student programmers and educators say that their greatest disappointment comes with lack of attendance at events or support from key groups on campus. Unite for Change recently shared a new resource at the Men and Women as Allies conference and it was so well received we wanted to enclose a quick link to our Successful Programs that Thrive Planning Guide. We want to help you make this year's programming your best yet. Take a peek and as always, if there anything we can do to help you reach out to your community you know where to find us.


Whatever your passion, whatever the cause, bring awareness to others by talking about "IT".

Focused, Determined and Hopeful

-Kelly & Becca

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