Monday, June 15, 2009


Get Involved! Make A Statement!
--Sabrina Sadler

Delilah, Caterina, and Sabrina, 3 ordinary young ladies determined to make a statement!

Women from all over Northern California ran in the Nike Women’s Fitness Festival a 5k run/walk. The run benefited WEAVE inc., the local domestic violence and sexual assault agency. Being very strong supporters of me, my two best friends, Delilah and Caterina wanted to help bring Awareness to Sexual Assault. As seen in the picture, we each represented one of three programs that I am currently involved in. Each one of the programs is determined to bring a stop and awareness to Sexual Assault.

UNITE FOR CHANGE: Works with students to provide education and resources that promote sexual assault awareness and prevention.

NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND: Brings awareness and encourages college students to stand by one another to prevent sexual assault.

WEAVE: Is the primary provider of crisis intervention services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Sacramento County.

Our statement only began with representing these three amazing programs, but the true understanding the three of us ladies took from these three programs is UNITY! No matter the program, No matter the agency, No matter the campaign… WE STAND UNITED

We as individuals, agencies, programs, campaigns are united to end violence. It is our GOAL! I felt so proud to participate in a run benefiting Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence and to be able to represent the three programs! During the run people actually read the front and back of our shirts. I remember someone shouting from the side with pride “No Woman Left Behind”, and then as we passed other participants we heard “We Stand United.” People did read our shirts! Three ordinary ladies got involved in the community, brought awareness, and made a statement.

So What can you do to get involved? You can get involved in local events or runs just like we did!!! And if you’re not a runner you can volunteer to help. Agencies like WEAVE are always looking for volunteers.

Check out your local community. Here are some upcomig events that just might be in a city near you...
Stride Against Violence in Chicago, IL on September 13, 2009
Race to End Violence in Concord, New Hampshire on October 3, 2009

These are just a couple of the many run/walks taking place in our communities. Many of these events take place in April which is Sexual Assault Awareness month and October, Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Remember you have the power to bring change and awareness. Get Involved and Make a Statement!


Kelly Addington & Becca Tieder said...

I am so incredibly proud of Sabrina and her posse I could just burst! Participating in events like this one is just one of the ways Sabrina is bringing change to her world and ours.

quilici88 said...

We need more courageous woman like you to get more people involved in these runs!