Thursday, July 02, 2009

Alcohol & Sex: A Disastrous Combination

By Molly Hays, Communications Intern

In 2005, more than 97,000 college students ranging in age from 18 to 24 were victims of alcohol-related acquaintance rape or sexual assault according to This specific website aims to change drinking habits in college students.
97,000 is a staggering number, and presumably that number has only been increasing as campuses swell.

Alcohol and sex prove to be a disastrous combination, not just for college students.

That’s why, the Sexversations® 3 of hearts card, provides an interesting question; “If someone was drinking and they are sexually assaulted, does that mean it's their fault?”
First off, I would exclaim loudly that no, it’s not their fault. Yet, a culture of victim blaming has developed, in which the victim is not only blamed but disgraced.

No one can ever predict or prepare to guard themselves against sexual assault; however precautions can be taken to better help ensure your own personal safety. Again, even if precautions are disregarded, that doesn’t mean the act of violence committed against you is justified. And someone could safeguard themselves as much as possible and still be violated.

Some things we suggest doing to help protect yourself are to:
- Avoid dangerous situations
- Trust your intuition
- Be aware of your surrounding
- Stay in groups when going out
- Always have a DSP (designated sober person)
- Carry your cell phone at all times
- Watch your drink carefully, and don’t drink from it after leaving it unattended

For more information on how to protect yourself you can visit Unite for Change.

But what do you suggest? How can people take an active role in personal safety and how can we deviate from a culture rampant with victim blaming practices?

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