Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sexual Boundaries and Vacation

By Molly Hays, Communications Intern

The Sexversations 3 of diamonds asks, “Do your sexual boundaries change while on vacation or spring break and if so is that okay? (ex. What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico!)”

It may not be spring break anymore, but summer is prime vacation time. And packed along with the sunscreen and swimsuit are often preconceived notions of sexual fun made possible by changing sexual boundaries.

Why do vacations validate changing sexual boundaries? Is it because you probably won’t ever see anyone you meet at the bar in Cancun again? Does relaxation relax boundaries? What makes it okay to do things on vacation that you normally wouldn’t do back home?

While not everyone’s sexual boundaries change on vacation it’s safe to say that spring break has a reputation for combining binge drinking and casual sex. But does alcohol inebriation change sexual boundaries alone?

Often consent to changing sexual boundaries can be overpowered by alcohol. A new study by the Journal of American College Health reports that 20 percent of undergraduate women experience sexual assault during their college years. In addition, 11 percent were assaulted while incapacitated.

Pregnancies, STDs and STIs, and moral implications can result of changing sexual boundaries; its then that spring break breaks down. Because what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

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