Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Call for Programs

We are thrilled to introduce our new Programs for Change initiative developed by our fabulous social outreach intern, Sabrina Sadler.

We invite you to join the Unite for Change Campaign. With so many students and campus professionals creating and joining programs and organizations throughout the world that are doing all kinds of good in their communities to help prevent sexual assault and promote healthy sexuality we want to do our part to help spread the word and inspire others to take action in their respective hoods.

The first Monday of each month starting November 2nd Unite for Change is going to highlight a Program for Change. If you are currently a member of a campus or community project that’s making a difference or would like to nominate a program that has impacted you please e-mail Sabrina at

Approved programs will be shared through the Unite for Change Facebook group page, posted on the blog and also featured on

These are the deets we need to get started-

1. Name of your school and/ or organization

2. Title for the program/resource

3. Target audience

4. Goals/ objectives

5. Program description

6. Contact information and website if applicable

Thank you in advance for your submissions. We look forward to showcasing your community initiative as a Program for Change.

Hopeful, Determined & Focused,

The Unite for Change Team

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