Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3 Day Walk

(My 3 Day Team, "Body Allies" Me, Katie, Lisa, Kim and Debi)
After 3 days and 60 long miles, we still smiled for a photo at the finish line!

I did it, 60 miles in 3 days! After months of training and weeks of worrying and excitement I can’t believe it’s come and gone. As strange as it sounds, it was kind of sad for it all to come to an end. The weather was perfect, the people were awesome, the pit stops were so helpful and even the snacks provided on the route were delish! My feet got some damage for sure. I now have 3 blisters per foot. Ouch. The hardest part: the end of the second day. I have never been more physically exhausted in my entire life. The best part: the extraordinary support from the volunteer crew and folks from the community who came out to show their support. I got so used to people cheering and honking that when I went to the grocery store on Monday and did not get applause, I was slightly disappointed and a little depressed.

The spirit, passion and strength of everyone involved were like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It was truly beautiful. This was an incredible journey. Thank you so much to my friends and family for your amazing support and generosity. I could not have done this without you.

I believe that a cure is within our reach, within our lifetime and with each event complete and every dollar raised, we’re several steps closer to a cure. Three days of walking. Three days of friendships made and stories shared. Three days of blisters and sore muscles. Three days of kindness. Three days of the world the way we wish it could be.

Love and hope,

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