Thursday, October 19, 2006

How "IT" came to be.

Once upon a time on a road trip to our spiritual home of New Orleans, Louisiana, we pondered our place in life. We asked the question “how are we going to make the world a better place?” A lofty goal, we know, but never short on ambition, we pushed the discussion forward. Kelly, a social worker at the time, had a deep passion for helping others in need. Becca, a theatre major with a flair for the dramatic, needed a creative way to express herself. Together we had a strong commitment to our campus and community…but what was our purpose?

It was there, in the darkness of I-10 west, that we uncovered our mission. One of us is a survivor of sexual assault, the other a supportive best friend. This traumatic experience forever changed our lives and now would give us the chance to make a difference in lives of young people throughout the nation. We recognized the opportunity to share our story and empower students to revolutionize campus climate and culture. Deep down we knew that if we stopped making students feel guilty for being sexually curious or sexually active, we could unite them. Not men against women but together, men and women as a campus community. We believed that if we simply explained what sexual assault is and how we can prevent it, change would occur. So as we crossed the Louisiana state line…Let’s Talk About “IT” was born and this incredible journey began.

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