Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Holla Back

Tired of cat-calling? Isn’t everyone?

Well now you can voice your frustrations and personal encounters with degrading harassment on online forums.

Groups of people from various metropolitan areas have created forums entitled, “Holla Back,” followed by the city the forum focuses on.

It’s great that people finally have a community they can voice their own frustrations about cat-calling on, because previously we would have been forced to just brush those nasty encounters aside. Now we can have a proper discourse, and maybe even poke a little fun, at the vulgar name calling. Because we all know that talking about issues that affect us are the way we initiate change.

The entries evoke feelings of sadness and sometimes laughter. The funniest stories showcase ridiculous pick-up lines. The saddest entries point to downfalls in human decency.
Some users even take pictures of the cat-callers; putting a face on harassment and making their situations come to life. This also seems to make each city’s residents more accountable, and conscientious of their words and actions.

Check out the "Holla Back DC," forum, the one that started it all. From here you can browse the links for the other “Holla Back,” forums for cities like Chicago and Toronto . Find the city closest to you, or start your own, and holla back at those hollering at you. Because you ain’t no holla back girl.

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